Our restaurant, which is open to the surroundings on three fronts has a capacity of twenty-five people on the terrace and another twenty-five people on the inside.
Our breakfast buffet has a variety of twenty-five kinds of food while the dinner is composed of nine vegetarian options with one starter, three cold dishes, three hot dishes, one salad and one dessert. Alcoholic drinks are also served when desired.
Following our motto ”Natural Life and Maintainability” the materials we use are supplied by the local manufacturers. Products such as yoghurt and bread are produced in our own kitchen using traditional methods.
Our restaurant also serves the customers outside the residents with the a la carte menu you can see on the Restaurant page.


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+90 536 523 58 81
09:00 to 21:00


+90 536 523 58 81
09:00 to 21:00

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Yediburunlar District,
Boğaziçi Village,
Yediburunlar Street
Eşen, Seydikemer, Muğla

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