Healing Gate

Our eagle’s nest, healing gate, which has a space of 55 m2 indoors and a balcony of 10 m2. The wooden building seated on the rocks has a view of the south, west, north sides overlooking the sea and the moor. With the capacity of thirty people it is open to the customers at every hour either for groups or personal usage.
The groups which accept participants from the outside is listed down below on the calendar.

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+90 536 523 58 81
09:00 to 21:00

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To where: Halk Bankası
To whom: Semra Akdeniz

TR86 0001 2001 9680 0009 1000 10

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Yediburunlar District,
Boğaziçi Village,
Yediburunlar Street
Eşen, Seydikemer, Muğla

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+90 536 523 58 81
09:00 to 21:00